• At IEM, we believe in strong service over “sell and forget”.  We offer meticulous financial planning and asset management services via groups of effective and outstanding brokerage and administrative teams.  We believe in complete independence when it comes to offering investments, insurance, and management.


  • IEM emphasizes the value of ongoing customized service over sales.  A sales-driven investment firm is usually identified by how large a clientele is served by each advisor directly and whether or not a client incurs a hefty sales charge.  In contrast, IEM is a fee-based as well as result-based asset management company, where client assets are managed in a customized fashion based on their individual comprehensive financial plan.


  • IEM offers sophisticated wealth management without the high cost of many other wealth management firms including hedge funds.





  IEM Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Company, approved and regulated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the State of New Jersey Bureau of Securities