IEM Asset Management is led by Dr. Nisa Khan


After spending nearly 18 years in the high-tech engineering field and working in the fiber-optics telecommunication industry, I was drawn to Wall Street as I noticed how crucially it affects our economy and industries. Having done immense research in technical areas at the pinnacle level in academia and at the world-renowned AT&T and Lucent Bell Laboratories as well as being an entrepreneur, my interest in financial markets comes from the technical perspective, as well as from the business and emotional perspectives.

Understanding company/stock valuations, portfolio diversification, Monte Carlo simulation, global influences, derivative effects and economic interdependence on multiple variables, I greatly enjoy asset management. Nonetheless, the most important aspect of my work is managing client assets intelligently with the highest ethical and meticulous standards. This resulted in very high client satisfaction and retention, and rate of returns significantly higher than almost all hedge funds and S&P 500 during most years in the last 10 years. Although future performance is still unknown - I nevertheless believe that patience, perseverance, and value investing over the long run are still key to improved portfolios.



Extensive academic & industry background: PhD in Electrical Engineering, BA in Physics and Mathematics; Licensed in Series 7 (Financial Brokerage), Series 66 (Financial Advisor & Securities Law), Life & Health insurance (Financial Protection).  In addition to actively managing assets with ongoing research and long-term outlook, I generate financial software tools for portfolio optimization, monitoring, and easy-to-understand account performance summaries, and financial planning. I comprehend tax liabilities & advantages of complicated investment gains/losses and work with clients and their accountants when necessary for taxes.  I pay acute attention to client's needs & feelings and proactively inform them of their financial status.




  IEM Asset Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Company, approved and regulated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the State of New Jersey Bureau of Securities